Delfino Airstrip – Super Mario Sunshine Guide

Delfino Airstrip – Super Mario Sunshine Guide

Super Mario Sunshine at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Super Mario Sunshine – Delfino Airstrip: Red Coins (Delfino Plaza, Hidden Shine)

This video shows how to complete the hidden Shine in Delfino Plaza.

Super Mario Sunshine Playlist:

Super Mario Sunshine Guide- Delfino Airstrip #2

This is the NintendoIsland Super Mario Sunshine Guide. Level: Delfino Airstrip #1

All 30 Blue Coins in Delfino Plaza Guide | Super Mario Sunshine | 3D All Stars Nintendo Switch

This is a full SMS Blue Coins guide! I tried to keep it beginner friendly :3
To watch the other levels check out this playlist:

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Video edit by Logan!

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