Kingdom of Paradise

Kingdom of Paradise

Everything you need to know about Kingdom of Paradise.

[Kingdom of Paradise]: Запретная поэма

Вы ждали сюжет и интриги? Их есть у меня!

[Kingdom of Paradise]: В погоне за воришкой

Вплотную изучаем Хокусай – центральный город Северного Генбу. Ну и сюжетом занимаемся, разумеется.

Kingdom of Paradise – 1k++ kenpu dmg no tech enhancing acc yet.

Hi this is my first vid from my PSP.

Here i show that its possible to get up to 1.5k damage w/o any enhancements. And this is just from my 1st play-through. Here i also show my kenpu Combo :3.
Any comments for improving is are welcome. Enjoy!!!

Later ill try to post dmg from Banko.